From time immemorial, the myriad mysteries of the sea have captured the imagination of humankind. Its magnificence is hypnotic, its fury frightening and its bounty largely unexplored. As inhabitants of a continent overwhelmingly dominated by the sea, our dependence on its resources has soared over the centuries and is expected to escalate unabated for many years to come.

Under the very concept and marked with dynamism and creativity S.E.I Educational Trust was established in 1999 to promote Training, Education, skill development and research in the field of Marine education, primarily Mercantile Marine.

The Institute is approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, India for various statutory Maritime Trainings as well as enjoys the confidence of many leading shipping companies of the world for impartation of miscellaneous value addition trainings to their staff At present the Institute has two fully functional campuses one at Kolkata, i.e. in the Eastern part of India and the other at Faridabad (located within the National Capital region of Delhi) in North India. Both the campuses are well equipped with the latest and continuously updated curriculum, training technology and pedagogy and are manned by highly qualified and experienced marine trainers. The Institute has been rated A-1 (Outstanding) by Lloyd's Register Marine and Offshore India LLP in the CIP Inspection.

Our Mission

Sei Educational Trust

Through Education and Training, over the waterways of the world, progress and growth of all.

Our Vision

  1. To provide maritime studies, keeping in pace with the fast changing world of shipping, so as to deliver competent and proficient seafarers who shall excel in the world.
  2. Continuously upgrade existing training procedures, and evolve new ones, in pursuit of excelling in the field of maritime education.
  3. Develop new curriculam and facilities for those fields of shipping industry which are newly explored and/or are still underrepresented.
  4. Develop entrepreneurship programmes in Shipping Industry, thereby bridging the knowledge gap for non seafarers, such that new entrepreneurs are encouraged to venture into ship owning and other aspects of maritime trade and do not shy away due to it being highly regulated.
  5. Promote research and innovation in the field of maritime technology and systems.
Sei Educational Trust

Certificate by Lloyd's Register Marine and Offshore India LLP

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